Monday, May 9, 2016

milk & honey

For those who have followed me for the many years my blog has been around, know that my blog has undergone major changes. Something that constantly amazes me is how much I have changed over the course of seven years. However with great changes and accomplishments we undergo many hardships along the way. I am overcoming my darkness and one of the short reads that any young woman who wants to heal is milk & honey by rupi kaur. You can grab your copy for super cheap on amazon. 

Her poetry really appeals to me. Although I did not endure the same life struggles as her writing there is this calm in the way she writes. You have to endure the breaking to experience the healing. There is no hurting without loving. We experience all of these in our own ways and Kaur does an excellent job of bringing it all together in her fluid writing. The poems are short but display the full story. Each poem is its own story. I highly recommend the read. 
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