About Me

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I am an inconsistent blogger + photographer. I am currently a graduate student studying public health/epidemiology hoping to stay on the east coast longer to pursue my doctorates. I am currently located in Boston, Massachusetts but my heart belongs in Los Angeles, California where I was born and raised.

I started off as a fashion and beauty blogger back in 2010 with my own youtube channel but I decided that wasn't for me and deleted it to start fresh. Over the course of many years, I discovered a deeper love for photography + lifestyle. This includes beauty, skin care, fashion, fitness, food, mental health, and more. I want to share everything worth sharing with you all. I am a bit shy at first but I definitely warm up if you give me the chance to. I plan on exploring and sharing things I enjoy and love through a lens (mostly with my iPhone now of days). Follow my blog to join me and my life adventures through a different perspective.

Some random things about me are that I pretty much have a bottomless stomach, I enjoy long naps multiple times a day, reading psychological thrillers, poetry, fitness, photography, all dogs, cameras, donuts, matcha everything, cheese anything, science, plants, adventures with good company, coffee shops, long talks, roses, and of course eating hehe. 

 I wish I could post more frequently but unfortunately I just don't have the time and resources as I did when I first started my blog. I am so blessed and thankful for those of you who have stuck by and supported my blog after all of the years. 

What cameras I use/have? You can find out here.