Monday, March 25, 2019

Follain Clean Skincare

I wanted to take some time out today to share this amazing company Follain. Their philosophy is that we should never have to compromise our health for beauty no matter what. Collectively they're taking a stand against toxins in personal care, refusing to settle for anything but the safest, most effective products. Basically, they're building a community of activists who want a better kind of beauty. So that being said I am so excited to now be considered a Follain ambassador! They curate a selection of the highest-quality, safest, non-toxic products. You should never have to compromise your health for beauty.

As a brief introduction, I’d like to share with you my clean essentials kit. This contains the absolute skincare basics that are essentials in your daily regimen. Your healthy skin starts here whether you are new to clean beauty or just looking to try some new non-toxic products. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and more with this reliable routine. The kit includes: 4 trial size products plus canvas pouch, Non-toxic & vegan, and are suitable for all skin types.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser contains Sea minerals and organic red algae gently detoxify without disturbing skin’s protective barrier. It should be applied to damp skin in gentle, circular motions. Rinse and pat dry. After cleansing, apply Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner all over with a cotton pad. Avoid eye areas. Indie Lee's Toner contains Hyaluronic acid and aloe balance and hydrate skin. Antioxidant CoQ10 boosts collagen and fights free radicals. Smooth Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream between palms then apply to your face. This cream contains meadowfoam seed oil delivers rich hydration; neroli oil promotes healthy glow; calendula extract soothes irritation. The Follain Refillable Soap contains Antioxidant-rich olive and jojoba oils gently hydrate and protect skin, while aloe vera gel soothes dryness. This refillable soap can be used just about everywhere else: from hands and body to dishes and delicates. It also works great as a gentle pet shampoo, too.

I'd also like to share my discount code with my amazing readers. Use code "ref_lovelyemy" for a special discount & feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need recommendations!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Omakase: Laughing Monk Café

Valentine's day just past and I had the pleasure of trying out Omakase for the very first time thanks to my boyfriend (for all of his research). "Omakase is a traditional Japanese dining style in which the chef provides a quality meal based on availability, budget, taste, and seasonality. It is basically like a “tasting menu,” but omakase is so much more than that. It is an incredibly intimate experience and very human experience that is best thought of as a verbal and non-verbal dialogue between you and the chef.

After all of his research, we ended up at the Laughing Monk Cafe at Brigham Circle, Boston. It was only recent years that I have come to appreciate raw fish (I use to be that girl that only ate shrimp tempura rolls). I am so incredibly thankful that I was able to experience all of the diverse favors this Omakase experience has brought to us. Chief Nick is incredible! The hybrid Omakase offered here focuses on incorporating Thai and Japanese flavors together with fresh ingredients including sushi menu, pad thai, drunken noodle, curry.

I highly recommend trying Omekase here if it's your first time. I had such a memorable time, the waitstaff was incredibly kind, patient, and informative. Many of the dishes were seared but nonetheless incredibly delicious and had delightful flavors. One thing to note is that Omekase dishes all vary depending on when you go and where you go. Many restaurants will showcase dishes of fish that are in popular or in season. 


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Boston Brunch Guide

This has been one of my most requested posts and I figured it would be more helpful to share my favorite go-to brunch and lunch spots in Boston since I share it so randomly on social media. It would be way more helpful to organize it into a list. Boston is not the biggest cities out there but there certainly are a lot of delicious spots to grab a small bite or grab brunch with friends.

So let's get started!

Juliet | Union Square, Somerville, MA
Union Square is one of those places that are a bit tucked away but worth the trip. I stumbled upon Juliet when I was grabbing donuts in Somerville. To my surprise, it was much more than a cafe! They have seating, a bar, and a cafe. Brunch here is definitely worth the wait (especially if you come on a Sunday). The portions are perfect, not too much and not too little. One bite into my toast and I could taste the freshness in the meal. This is a lovely place to grab a quick bite and catch up with friends, or even if you need a relaxing place to get away and work on some things on your laptop, there's a lovely window seating. 

Earls Kitchen & Bar | Prudential Center, Boston, MA
Earls was always one of those places that sounded like it would always be crowded and standard meals but to my surprise, their brunch options are delightful. There's also a special happy hour for brunch! I mean how can you not right? Everything I've had so far has been delicious but my absolute favorite is the chicken and waffles. The syrup is sweet and spicy and perfect to complement the waffle and chicken. This is definitely worth the trip! And if you're might as well check out all of the shopping surrounding Earls!

Ogawa Coffee | Downtown, Boston, MA
Ogawa was the place I went to because of their matcha goodies. But recently they've introduced some new food options to their menu. They're more so lunch/dessert options but nonetheless still absolutely delicious and worth every penny. I've had many of the sandwiches but this egg salad sandwich has got to be my favorite. I love how they have little sets that come with a side of salad and yogurt too. All of this paired with their delicious matcha latte makes the perfect meal!

By CHLOE. | Fenway, Boston, MA
For those who want a vegan option, this has got to be my favorite! I use to be vegetairan..once upon a time.. but oh my goodness I love love love the brunch and lunch options at Chloe's. The mushrooms taste like bacon... the avocado burger is way more satisfying than any typical burger joint, and this taco salad is the perfect bowl. Nothing is too heavy so you won't be in a food coma after. There's also delicious acai bowls, freshly pressed juices, and of course a mini bakery with vegan-friendly goods.

Jugos Supremo | South End, Boston, MA
Jugos was introduced to me by a friend and I have been crazy obsessed with the supremo location for so long. The meals range from sweet to savory and the portions are just right. You can stop by for a light smoothie bowl or if you want something more hearty, you can grab one of the larger dishes. The juice is also freshly pressed and I never left feeling anything less than satisfied. I also love the location, right smack dab in south end on Tremont street. If it's nice out it's definitely worth taking a walk down Tremont and visiting other small stores as well. My absolute favorite dish is the "sexico" filled with sweet potatoes and avocado and toast! 

Frenchie | South End, Boston, MA
I love love love Frenchie. This is one of the holy grails of brunch food. Though they offer dinner and a full bar I cannot stop coming back for their brunch options. There's a perfect balance of the right amount of savory dishes and sweet dishes. Frenchie always satisfies all of my brunch cravings. Best to make a reservation because there is always a wait. The crepe is filled with bananas and Nutella and melts in your mouth, the potatoes are so fresh and delicious, and the croissant is the perfect balance of buttery yet crispy. I cannot stop recommending this place!

Caffe Bene | Symphony, Boston, MA
Caffe Bene has had a special place in my heart since I first tried it in New York. I was so happy to hear that they opened one in Boston! It's right at Symphony near the Longwood medical area and the schools. It's about a 15-minute walk for me from school and work so it's one of my favorites to grab something sweet or have small sandwiches. But more so I'd say that this cafe is geared more towards sweet tooths like myself. The shaved ice and Belgium waffles are my favorites!

Tatte Bakery & Cafe | Greater Boston, MA
Oh Tatte, the "it" cafe of Boston. It feels like it's impossible to ever grab a seat here but now due to popular demand, there are so many locations scattered throughout the greater Boston area. I really enjoy the small pastries and the fruit/nut cups the most but food wise, I love the quiche which is complemented with a small side salad. But I've also had their meals here and I must say the quality is phenomenal. It's a lovely cafe with a gorgeous aesthetic and definitely "instagram-worthy" and a cute place to hang out with a small group of friends. 

Zinnekens | Cambridge, MA
I LOVE WAFFLES. Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy waffles, especially Belgium waffles. Zinnekens holds a special place in my heart because it's so delicious I don't need any type of syrup or toppings. But I do enjoy having these with some Oreos and fruit. I love taking friends here for a quick snack or breakfast. But let's be honest I don't care about the time of day I can enjoy these bad boys at 10pm for all I care.

OAT Shop | Somerville, MA
I was never a fan of oatmeal growing up (probably because I've always had microwaved oatmeal) but WOW the OAT shop makes the best sweet and or savory bowls ever. My go-to favorite is the bacon and egg one drizzled with some sriracha in it, the sushi bowl, and the berries and nuts. Don't underestimate the size of the bowls, they're incredibly filling! It's located right at the T station in a lovely area that's exciting to walk around after brunch. 

PRESSED | Boston, MA 
Yes I know I'm obsessed with acai bowls. I had one of the best acai bowls at PRESSED. It's perfectly sweetened with almond butter, honey, delicious granola and has just the right amount of toppings so that it doesn't feel like you're just eating a fruit smoothie. I've also enjoyed their squash lasagna bowl and their avocado toats, both also excellent choices. A lovely hole in the wall if you need a quick and healthy brunch. Something to also note it's a tiny bit of a small shop so it's nice for one on one brunches.

sweetgreen | Greater Boston, MA
Okay, don't be upset that I'm listing a salad joint as a brunch option. I thought the same thing when I first heard of sweetgreen. But a friend of mine highly recommended it and I decided to try it one day. OH MY GOSH how can a bowl of salad taste so delicious and perfectly filling? I have no clue how they did it but I am so happy it exists and I love sweetgreen so much. The stores are all so lovely and a great place with lots of seating. My favorites are the kale caesar and the miso bowl. Yes yes yes! 

Blackbird Doughnuts | South End, Boston, MA
I am crazy about donuts and went through a huge phase where I tried out almost every since gourmet donut place in the greater Boston area. Blackbird has my heart because of the option to cut your donuts and stuff them with ice cream. Cheat breakfast meal? I think Yes! The donuts are so delicious and fluffy and perfect with ice cream. I love the unique flavors. I know this doesn't technically count as a brunch joint but donuts are breakfast too right?

Dig Inn | Copley, Boston, MA
Dig inn is one of those places I cannot stop coming back to. This is one of the first cafes I always take people to when they ask me for a lunch spot. I never really come early enough for their breakfast options but they are just as good! All of their products are fresh and organic from local farms ensuring nothing but high quality. Trust me you can taste the amazing quality. My favorite is the salmon with broccoli and brown rice. That's just my personal go to but you can pick pretty much anything to make your own perfect lunch bowl.

JJ's Caffe | Brockton, MA
Have you ever been to a place where it was 5 stars with over 400+ reviews? JJ's caffe definitely lives up to the hype but is located a bit further away from the city. Expect a long wait but trust me when I say it's worth the wait. The staff is incredibly kind and literally, everything tastes just as good as it sounds. The creme brulee french toast will forever hold a special place in my heart as well as the hangover benedict. If you have a means of transportation JJ's caffe is a must!

Loyal Nine | Cambridge, MA
I always knew about the cafe part of Loyal Nine because I dined at their actual restaurant first. It wasn't my favorite but the cafe part made up for it. I had the best breakfast sandwich of my life here. I'm still dreaming of it too... the cafe is a bit small but still a lovely place to play catch up on work or with a friend. Matcha tea and their soy latte are also incredibly delicious when paired with their lunch! 

And you've reached the end! To be honest this isn't even everything on my list. I've been living in Boston for well over 5 years now and I made it a habit to constantly try new places because it was so easy to get too comfortable. I know Boston isn't New York or Los Angeles, but there's still plenty of delicious places to try and so much food to eat! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all and I hope that this post helps!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Love Street Apparel Haul

I hope that everyone's off to a strong start for 2019. A lot has been happening but I am doing my best to juggle multiple things. I am primarily on Instagram sharing the little bits and bobs of my daily life but I wanted to share things more in detail on my blog. To really start off the year I thought I would take some time to share a mini haul I have from Love Street Apparel. I love their clothes and here are a few of my favorite pieces I would like to share.
A little bit of background information about the boutique: Their entire collection is carefully handpicked to embrace the philosophy that you have the freedom of expressing your unique, free-spirited self. The styles shared offer an outlet to dress in a way that embraces who you really are as an individual, beautiful, wild and free. 

Motel Kavon top in size Medium
Gracie Polka Dot Crop Top in Medium
Delilah Peasant Top in Small

I haven't done any sort of fashion-related post in a while but I am looking to do more as spring rolls around and give myself more of a reason to dress nicely rather than living in my gym clothes. I recommend sizing up if you have a larger bust. Sizes do tend to run a tiny bit small for non-stretch items. However, any items like sweaters or tops with a stretch I recommend getting your exact size. I generally get small on stretchy pieces. The quality of each item is phenomenal and I highly recommend getting your shopping spree on!

I am also pleased to share my discount code for Love Street.
Shop with me and you can get 15% off your entire purchase with my code EMQU15.
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