Saturday, May 21, 2016

peach & lily ft. caolion

Hi everyone and happy weekend! I wanted to take some time out to talk about this new skin care pack from Peach & Lily I have been using for the past few weeks. Caolion’s pore pack (wash-off masks) are a must-have. They are known for working to clear the skin of impurities and at the same time do not strip the skin of essential hydration.

When it comes to our the skin, often times we neglect our pores. They're small and not always visible unless they are clogged. Because of this dramatic weather change on the east coast, my skin is enduring so many changes and my pores are more clogged and noticeable now. In attempt to resolve this, I was invited to join Caolion’s 4-step pore process using their 2 bestsellers and 2 new releases before being released to the public.

The Caolion pore system begins as any smart skin regimen will—with a proper deep cleanse. This is definitely one of my favorite cleansers. The Freshly Chitosan Foam Cleanser helped initiate my journey to clear and healthy pores. Formulated with patented unshiu (or Jeju mandarin oil) and antioxidants this cleanser balances the skin’s pH. What I loved most about this cleanser is that it leaves your face feeling refreshed, but not dry, especially if you have mixed oily and dry skin tone like myself.

Next, I would use the Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack. This was a heavy duty treatment in my opinion. It is a self-heating wash-off mask I used once or twice a week giving it a spa-like treatment. Even better, it felt like it was something for all skin types, including sensitive skin (which I have). Using micro oxygen bubbles, my skin was deeply cleansed. It contained natural sparkling water and deep-cleansing charcoal powder that worked towards eliminating impurities. Natural oat grains are a key ingredient which made my skin retain its moisture and gently buffed my dead skin cells away.

The pore pampering continued on with the Premium Original Pore Pack, which was intensely, refreshingly cooling, one of my favorite sensations for my skin. This pack tightened my pores and enhances the complexion. Basically, it sealed the deal. It uses Alaskan glacial water and menthol combined for a soothing, cooling, and relaxing sensation that left me glowing.

Finally—bedtime. This one is 100% the one I recommend. Before you knock out, the final step is Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask. This sleeping pack works using a shape memory technology. I woke up to brightened and tightened skin.

Overall it is a lengthy process but worth every step of the way. Peach & Lily are also offering the kit for a limited time discount here
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