Sunday, April 17, 2016

glosser - skin first, makeup second.

I'm horrible at blogging. One of the discouraging things about Blogger is the fact that the image quality isn't great when I try to upload my own. But aside from that rant I'm able to step away from life and talk to you guys about this new brand I have become obsessed with, Glossier. They are based in New York and I love their philosophy basically less is more and that skin comes first and smile always.

For skin care, I tens to stick to one brand. I have this little pet peeve of owning too many brands for skin care and would prefer to have all of one brand just to be consistent? Makes no sense but I am just weird like that. I got my hands on their Milky Jelly cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Rose Face Mist, Generation G in Cake, and Balm dot com. All I can say is that I give Glossier a full on five star review. I use everything to the point where it has become a part of my lifestyle.

The cleanser does the job, it is light, jelly like textures, removes excess makeup and smells great. The moisturizer does exactly what it is suppose to and I always apply a generous amount before starting my makeup routine. The mist itself smells like roses and I always spray it on every morning and after I cleanse. Generation G lipstick I got in Cake comes off very natural but is not long lasting. Although it is not long lasting it still gives a nice moisturized feel.

Glossier is a must.

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