Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stacking Eyelashes

Lots of people "stack" their lashes for a more dramatic effect, I've seen it in Ranzuki a lot lately and my friend Vivian always stacks her lashes. I was never so motivated to give it a shot because I just thought "oh they're just going to be more heavier on my eyes" well of course I was WRONG!

I thought I'd give it out a try with my two most favorite lashes!
MAC No. 7 and Dollywink No.1 Dolly Sweet

My end result was quite satisfying! I really love the effect because it really shows and it's not too dark and too volumed for me. I know for a fact that Nana Suzuki uses MAC #7 a lot but never alone she stacks it with other lashes but I just used my personal favorite. Love this technique so much, need to start doing it more often!

One more thing I would like to point out is that I'm wearing D-UP Wonder eyelid tape! I actually already have double eyelids but I wanted bigger ones so I've been wearing this tape over my makeup. I really recommend these because they're not even noticeable like other eyelid tapes and they look natural. I recommeng getting the blue box because it's "extra" and stronger than the pink one which is only "mild" GET IT NOW!

I got to hangout with my lovely Vivian! We took lots of Purikura!

There's this huge board in the Purikura store, and we've been adding more and more of our purikura everytime! Everyone writes their tumblr URLs on this board too haha I guess that's one way of getting new followers!

恭喜发财!! Late New Years to all my Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean's who celebrate! Vivian's mom was so kind to give me a cute hong bao/lai see! Hope everyone who celebrated had an amazing time!

Thanks for reading!
Love always, Emy

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