Monday, February 14, 2011

Rilakkuma Valentine's Party

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Much love to everyone on this day of love and thank you so much everyone I've reached 800 followers, you all make me so happy! This weekend I attended the Rilakkuma Party in Los Angeles. It was not exactly the largest event ever, but it was extremely promising! There was many cute items to buy, clothes, plushies, stationary, and so much more. We all finally got to meet the giant walking Rilakkuma, it's so adorable too bad it seemed as though the person inside was sturggling walking around.
Got a picture with Vivian and Rilakkuma! Wow please excuse my shoes I switched out of my heels because we did so much walking! Group picture!
This is my friend Annie, she has the cutest style ever!

The event was so cute! Everything was just too cute and I didn't know what to get either! The only negative thing was that the store was so small, and it was a bit humid inside. Photocredits to the amazing Orlando Welsh! So nice to have a photographer there taking pictures of everyone!

Speaking of WC I totally snagged this jacket that Nana's wearing from Sweet Biibaby's Store! It's so comfy and thick too! Check out her amazing Liz Lisa/Tralala store if you want to do some online shopping.

Anyways I ended up only getting this huge Rilakkuma head/Pillow! it was only $28 which is such a good deal, and it's just too cuet who could resist?!
Anyways I have a circle lens review coming up! Thanks so much for reading!

Love always, Emy

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