Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year New Tutorial

Okay so lately a lot has been going on and yet I am still blogging more than before! So basically I got most of my winter break homework done, what a relief! I've gotten closer to many friends that I have drifted away from, it's very nice to catch up with people you haven't talked to in a while. Well I guess I can anounce this even though it's a bit personal, but basically, I've got a huge crush on someone now haha, okay that's embarrassing but really it's been so long since I've had a crush on someone, I guess because I've been focusing on my priorities and getting out of a serious relationship a while ago I just really forgot what it's like to crush on someone again. Lastly finally gone shopping full out during the break, and bought more presents for friends living out of the state *which I still need to send* I had some time on my hands this morning so I thought I would show you the simple steps to my eyemakeup.

Okay my photo-editing skills are limited because I don't have photoshop anymore. But basically here's a summary:
First off of course, I used makeup base (preferably Pore Putty), followed by some foundation, and my CVS brand concealer. That should get rid of all my dark circles, and what not.
Secondly, you can hardly notice but I used first Candy Doll highlight (cream Beigh) to even out the colors of my eyes, followed by any dark eyeshadow.
Third, I actually used this pink glitter eyeshadow I bought a while ago, and applied it over the dark eyeshadow areas, I really like it because it gives off a dolly dramatic look in my point of view.
Fourth, apply some eyeliner, a key is to draw the end line pointed down a but instead of a curv because it'll give your false lashes a nicer curve once applied. Also an important feature I've realized, in the beginning line you can see the black liner comes out a bit to the left and does not start directly where my eyes are, well honestly if you do that, from a distance it gives your eyes an enlarging effect.
Fifth, I applied Dolly Wink No. 1, which is my most favorite at the moment.
Sixth, I curled the lashes since I didn't even do that in the first place, I guess there's my first flaw in my tutorial.
Seventh, applying the bottom lashes which are Dolly Wink no. 5, very simple and elegant lashes and my current most favorite! I make sure ti apply them durectly under my real lashes to avoide them sticking on because if they stick on, later when removing them, it hurts so much.
Lastly, I actually added some mascara to my bottom real lashes towards the parts I didn;t reach with the bottom lashes. And you are done!

I finally got myself some Candy Doll Lip Stick (Apricot Beige) and I absolutely love them! I've heard many negative reviews about these, because they seem to give off a dry look to your lips. But I've been wearing carmax everyday to keep my lips as healthy as possible and I love the effect of the lipstick. What I would recommend is applying Melliesh lipgloss over, it looks amazing and stays moist for quite some time!

New circle lens! yes I finally got them, I've been buying King Size Brown for over a year and I am completely tired and bored of them and it seems that many models as well as western gals have been resulting to these! I just love the effect on the eyes, and the best part is that they're 15.0 how huge!

Of course what is a blog entry without the recent buys! I got my WC skirt at Shibuya LA, ah I was so happy! Especially because it was inspired to me by the bottom picture, I even ordered the sweater because it was just too cute! Also Yes I finally got to get some Candy Doll cosmetics, I didn't get the lip glosses since I still had a bunch left of Melliesh.

Also I guess you cannot really notice, but I finally got myself some extensions, but honestly they're not as long as I hoped but they do make it easier to curl and volumize my hair. The extensions are way more blonde than my hair, but honestly I'm so scared of dying them to match mine because I'm scared I'll mess up.

Okay as for New Years Resolution!
- Maintain my grades, I'm barly managing my 3.8 in high school, but taking more college classes also and I do not want to fall behind, I want to show the colleges that I am not slacking off my senior year.
- Create a better bond with my family. It seems that since my parents are divorced I have realized that I've drifted apart from my mom and have become much closer to my dad in a way. I really hope to revive my bond with my mom and brother.
- Gal style, I really want to improve myself in many areas: posing (whenever I take group photos I freak out and don't know how to pose), experementing with other styles (I'm so sick of pure Liz Lisa).
- Maintaining my health and continue my workout plan.
- As for shopping I want to avoide it as much as possible, but buy what is needed and only if I feel that I really want it.
- Stay in touch with my peers and close friends, I want to maintain the friendships I currently have and avoide any drama as possible.
- Be more outgoing, I guess I've always been "the quiet one" since I was raised that way but for some reason it's easier for me to talk a lot at school than with people outside. I really hope I can be more talkative around new friends!
- Dye my hair dark before I go to college, honestly I love being blonde!! It's so different from everyone around me but I have to be honest, my family, especially my dad's side has been giving me the hardest time ever. They assume that my grades are dropping just because I'm blonde, just because I dress differently, I feel as though my family thinks I do not take my education seriously which I do. I guess I'm going to go dark brown before college starts.

Thanks so much for reading, I'm sorry about the long post!! I can't wait to pick out a lucky winner for my giveaway! Don't forget enter soon because I will choose a random winner by next month!
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