Monday, February 28, 2011

Personal Rant (not relevant to anything)

I think I'm becoming completely overwhelmed with a lot of things that has been occurring lately. I really just need a place to let it out so please don't bother wasting your time reading my rant. I'm officially irritated and tired of California (at least south California for the most part). I just got an acceptance letter for a University in North California, I didn't get into the out of state University I wanted FML. I'm just going to stay here for one more damn year and I can finally transfer out to UMASS. Okay also what's even more irritating is that some of the colleges are saying they didn't receive my transcript, scores, or financial aid wen I sent those out in December, complete blasphemy. Well I'm really considering going up north and living with my cousin for a year, I get to start off fresh in North California and make new friends and meet new people, which excites me. Who knows all is still in the air.

Aside from schooling, I'm going to need to work full time after spring in order to get my savings up. I already maintain my savings account, but I'm not so great with budgeting my money on personal items (i.e. cosmetics, clothing, going out, food, etc). I'm really trying to save for textbooks for the fall semester and my trip to the East Coast this August. I am starting to believe that I am more of an admirer for this amazing "Gal" style, it's beautiful but I don't think I have the time and commitment to improve and what not. I'm not really having money issues, I mean my job calls me in when they need me but sometimes I'm not needed for several weeks. I'm doing my best to budget and maintain a descent credit score since I'm still young.

Friends, and such, seems to be more and more of a perplexing thing to cope with as well. I mean don't take me wrong, I have the close friends I trust regardless of differences. Lately I've realized who my real friends are, I'm not one of those girls who have tons of close friends, more of a selective few I trust completely and unconditionally. I'm tired of this whole "gal community" I mean don't get me wrong I've met tons of amazing girls that share so much in common, I love it. The best thing was starting a blog, and meeting girls all over the world who share the same love I do. I don't consider someone a close friend easily, it takes time and honestly I only consider people close when they have strong values and morals. I know we are all arrogant and insecure in our own way but I admire individuals for who they are, not who they pretend to be.

Lately I've been thinking about the future, planning everything out (freaking crazy huh?) considering I am only seventeen years old I have everything planned out. I'm attending San Jose or Fullerton State University for one year and obtain at least 24 college credits to apply/transfer to BU and if I cant get in there I'll head straight over to UMASS Boston. I really want to maintain a part-time job as well while I'm there for personal expenses and necessities as well. After finishing the last three years at one of those schools I'll try my best to transfer over to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for grad school. I heard this was one of the toughest schools but it's an amazing premed program. I guess after all of my schooling is done I want to start my life in the East Coast of the United States. I'm so excited though because once I get things together my boyfriend and I are planing on possibly vacationing over in Europe and visitng the Netherlands or possibly Finland/Sweden, I am way too excited!

Sorry for this long rant, I just needed somewhere to put it in writing.
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