Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lots of Makeup!

Hey everyone I realized I got really lazy to blog these past couple of months. My college classes are ending next week. Haha more time to work and make some money, and college apps/scholarships are done so I am so free but besides that things have been less stressful just a lot of studying for my last final next week ah. I've been really addicted to tumblr, it's faster and easier to use than blogspot but today I wanted to show you guys what I use for my face.

Fukudome Arisa using the Meishoku DET Clear jelly

Naturgo Sea Mineral Clay Facial Foam this cleanser is amazing!!! I've been using it for a couple of weeks and you can really feel the changes your face goes through. I personally have oily skin on my forehead (that's where I break out most) this foam helps make skin stronger to prevent more future acne and at the same time fights off acne. I love it so much and highly recommend it!
Meishoku JP DET Clear Bright & Peel Fruit Peeling Jelly a mild, rinse-off type Peeling Jelly that has fruit essence extracts (it smells very sweet and yummy), as well as the AHA contents from fruit for cleansing, and plant BHA content for skin softening feature. It removes old skin cells, black pigment (melanin) residues, and skin dullness effortlessly with massage.
Mizu No tenshi This is a skin treatment clear cream. I really like it, because it's very light but also has toner in it. You can feel the difference after a couple weeks of using it, my friend Mika reffered me to it and I am love it very much. It's a bit pricy but from the current results it's definantly worth it.

Pore Putty I'm actually selling these in Dream Boutique. Okay I personally love Pore Putty so much, after I clean out my face in the morning I apply the Pore Putty makeup base and it feels so soft and covers rough pores and uneven skin. It brings out your face in such a beautiful way, and after applying that you can proceed to your concealer. After that I use the Pore Putty face powder, I guarantees the maximum coverage and brightens your face.

New products in Dream Boutique!!!! We just got Melliesh Blush and Melliesh Lip Glosses!!! Feel free to come checck them out because there is a limited quantity.

So lately I've been using less eyeliner, in this picture I'm wearing Eyemazing no.1 eyelashes, MAC zoom lash mascara, Melliesh Blush, Pore Putty, Koji Spring Heart Eyebrow pencil, MAC Lipstick/Silicone Lip gloss over, and Dolly Wink eyeliner.

Sometimes I really hate my teeth when I smile, and I look so different with less eyeliner, but many people told me that they prefer me like this than with bottom eyeliner. I truely do agree, but I'll always be open to trying new things.

My daddy got me this tea from Taiwan, apparently it's very healthy and will make you feel more energetic full of youth. Atleast that's what it said on the box, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Okay so I can't lie, I'm back in love with Liz Lisa, I ordered some things from the store a couple weeks ago for winter, I couldn't resist it was so tempting!!!! But this is my wallet, phone, and card holder I feel so complete!!! Pink is such a beautiful color!
Thanks so much for reading
Love you,


  1. All items look fantastic!!, your blog its so pretty i love visit it!!.

  2. Omg I have the peeling gel too and love ittt! I use it everyday even though its only supposed to be like 3x a week -_- come visit me soon and bring some melliesh :)<3

  3. Emyyyy, you get prettier&prettier everytime i visit ur blog!

    i love your dolly eyes so much<3

  4. How is it that you look so pretty without much make-up on?? I'm so jealous! *__* ♥

    Btw, I'm happy to hear that your love for Liz Lisa has returned! xD When I get back from Japan and earn some money, I'm gonna buy some stuff from your shop. ^__^

  5. I love how you look with the Melliesh blush! It's such a cute color!

    I need to try Pore Putty now, I have such huge pores. T_T

  6. All the items are so cute! *w* i really adore your blog :))

  7. you are beautifull ^^

  8. SOO cute Emy-chan ^^ <3 i love the blushes and especially the purchases from Liz Lisa ^^..* drowning in cuteness* <3

  9. mellish blush is fabolous! and u look great with it on! :)
    and i love ur cellphone :):)

  10. def. gonna check ur store out ~~
    and i also like ur make-up more like this!

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  12. I have them same pink bow wallet <3.


  13. thank you everyone for the support and kind comments :) goig to change to a new comment system so i can reply to each person individually

  14. You are just too cute Emy !! (: <3

  15. You can still do something about your teeth, you know. Even if you don't like the way they're showing, why not make 'em look whiter instead? Avoid drinking too much coffee, and always brush your teeth after every meal.


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