Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dream Boutique Grand Opening

So much has been happening this weekend but keeping my mind optimistic my friend vivian and I opened a brand new gal store, we were complaining about not having jobs so I guess we decided to give it a shot hehe. OK so our store is not one of those "pre-order" type of stores haha check it out! Haha scroll down to read more about the shop. Also lately everyone has gotte me into using tumblr and I would love to follow anyone out there, mine is lovelyemy.tumblr.com

I started getting into photo editing thanks so "someone" but no names, do they look really different?

This is the store, click on the banner to be re-directed to our store.
Updating products every week! no need for pre-order we process your order almost right away! and even if it's out of stock, restocking only takes 2-5 days and most items are instock and will be dispatched within 1~2 days we ensure you quick delivers, also with a free gift!

Some goodies I got recently, Pore Putty is by far the best and most affordable facial powder I have ever used, so much cheaper than buying MAC. Just apply it after using a concealer and it looks amazing!!! (especially for me, I have tons of acne scars and sunspots so it covers well). The other three products are justeyebrow power, my toner, and a moisterizer.
On the right I bought a small jar of Mizu No Tenshi, my friend Mika said it should be a really good cream for clearing out my face, hope it works!!! if I have good results I will for sure add it to Dream Boutique. Ad the other item is the Spring Heart Eyebrow Pencil, it is amazing I have to say, so easy to draw in.. I have pictures under :)

Wearing Dolly wink #1 and I used the eyebrow pencil here also~~
Not wearing much makeup lately, I feel like ottom eyeliner + bottom lashes make my eyes look a bit too dramatic, I only have bottom mascara on nothing else haha.


Naturgo Sea Mineral Clay Facial Foam
I have been breaking out for over 2 months and I have finally found the best cleanser for the job! My face gets a bit oily, this is amazing, you can feel the difference after washing your face, after this I use the Mizu cream, it has toner, moisterizer, and nutrients for repairing the face. I really recommend this!!!

Vivian and I decided to do some deco mine on the left and vivian on the right~ selling some in Dream Boutique right now!!!! Custom requests can be made also!!! just e-mail us :)

I am so excited tomorrow will be Dream Boutique's grand opening! the secret code is "viviemy" for getting a 5% discount be sure to meation it! We have so much to offer! and later on we plan on selling Liz Lisa and much more. Please support our store. CLICK TO GO TO THE STORE

Thanks for reading everyone


  1. i love you emy<3
    i've been dying to buy the cosmagic blush but i keep forgetting to ><
    ill buy it when u guys open ;)

    Good luck!<3

  2. I love your blog :)
    Do you know how much the pore putty will be? I'm considering depending on the price


  3. Lovely pic, you look really cute ^^

  4. This is such a good idea! I will definitely be ordering!~

  5. congrats for starting the dream boutique!! ♥

    love all the new goodies~~ and ur so pretty again ofc!

  6. jen, you're always so sweet♥ the blush isn't available yet though :(

    maykay, i love your blog also~great tips :)

    aiko, thank you♥

    emmie, yes please do!!! more new items coming soon*0*

    chinsa, thanks sweetie you're so cute!

  7. super excited for you and I can't wait to order

  8. awww u're so lovely! ~♥

    Good luck with the shop! I'll check it out too! ♥

  9. Does Vivian have a blog? :D You're both super cute!

  10. you're pretty as always! ♥

    good luck with your store~!

  11. I'll definitely buy from your online store sometime Emy ♥
    Went down to Richmond to shop yesterday and I think I know what to get you for your Xmas present! =D

    You and your friend are total beauties~ Since you guys can still wear those type of clothes, I'm guessing it's not quite cold over there yet? XD

  12. hihi<3 juss came upon your blog! hope u don't mind i'll b following from now !

    i really want to try this face wash..

    i have been having skin problems for the past 2 or 3 months so i really want to try this face wash..

    did it help ur pimple go down??

  13. I wish I had some money to spend >w<; Japanese cosmetics are amazing! I used to use Kanebo all the time...

    You and Vivian both look very cute~~ I love your outfits ^3^

  14. hey ;**
    i really like your blog and i hope you follow me back :)


  15. I BUY MELLIESH FROM YEW SOON BBY<3 come over hereee! miss you :)

  16. I changed my blog address ~ follow me again babii =)

  17. You two looks supercute!
    Totally adorable ^^

  18. Aww i really like your look! :33 it's supercute!

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