Thursday, July 5, 2018

Microblading ft. Ellebrow NYC

Let's talk about one of the biggest trends, microblading. I naturally was not blessed with eyebrows so of course, I did not even hesitate to jump on board with the latest trend of microblading. I never knew how to draw in my eyebrows without it looking incredibly fake or uneven so this was such a deal breaker for me. I have been long overdue for sharing my experiences with semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing and have been asked many questions. So here it is! All of the frequently asked questions I am asked about microblading eyebrows!

Where Did I go?
elleBrow based in NYC and conveniently located on the east side of midtown Manhattan.

What is Microblading?
Individual hair stroke eyebrows are drawn in manually by the technician using a micro-needle hand tool with specialized pigments placed into the outer layer of the skin. The result is an ultra-natural almost 3-D look. This is also known as eyebrow embroidery, micropigmentation, 3-D eyebrow tattoo and other terms which all essentially mean the same thing.

Who was my technician?
Ant is the woman who does it all! She I believe is the only person at elleBrow actually performing the procedures with the help of her assistant. Don't underestimate how much one person can do. She's amazing, professional, highly detail oriented, and the best there is. 

How long does it last?
I would honestly say 1-3 years before it almost completely fades away. I had my first microblading session by Ant back in early 2016. I came back a few months for a minor touch up in a small area. But other than that I did not come back until 2018 to have my brows done again and have a new look because I was blonde when I first came in and now I have dark brown hair. However, if you go in for retouches regularly at least 6 months then these babies can last you a LONG time. Since I live in Boston it was a little challenging coordinating mini trips to NY but alas elleBrow is the BEST out there and worth the trip. Below is a photo from my very first microblading session back in early 2016.

Before microblading (top),  Immediately after microblading (middle), 6 months after (bottom)

Are they easy to take care of?
Absolutely yes! The first week is the most tedious where you have to clean it and apply the cream she provides very frequently. A formal guide and needed materials are provided before you leave. After the first week you really just want to avoid too much sun exposure or facials on the brow area for that can cause the tattoo to fade away faster.

How much do they cost?
The prices have changed a lot from when I first came to elleBrow but I do believe that their regular price is $850 but currently on promotion for $750. I know it's a little on the pricey end compared to many upcoming places that offer this service but don't be fooled because getting your brows done at elleBrow is worth EVERY penny. The professionalism is of the highest, Ant is highly skilled and detail oriented and will not rest until she designs the best shape and color for your own personal desires.

After 2 years before microblading (Top) and immediately after microblading (bottom)

Overall Experience?
Eyebrow microblading is worth it! The techniques crafted by Ant looks so natural and blends in with your existing eyebrow hairs perfectly (and if your brows are sparse, it can substitute for what is missing). You won't find more natural looking semi-permanent eyebrow work anywhere. The aftercare is a little tedious the first week or so but once the peeling ends your brows look amazing! I am currently at my 5/6 month mark after getting the second session done I still see the fine lines clearly and do not feel the need to add any extra shading.

Thank you ElleBrow for keeping my brows perfect all of these years! If you guys have any question at all please feel free to reach out with any questions at all!
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