Thursday, January 3, 2019

Year of Realization.


Throughout 2018 I learned so much about myself and those around me. I thought that 2018 was going to be just like any other year except for some reason it was not. I was able to step back and observe rather than react at the moment. I experienced many failures, but behind each failure I let out my grief and gathered courage from my failures and continued forward, overcoming the many challenges I thought I could not endure. I went through many moments of sadness and darkness but through these moments I was able to realize the kind of people I needed to keep around me. Those who stayed by my side through my failures helped support each breath I took and enabled me to grow into the person I am. That being said, knowing who to hold close, allowed me to learn about what I can do best to help them. I learned to open my mind to even greater perspectives and was able to maintain an open mind when exposed to different views.

I had many sad days that made me question my purpose, but later on, remember all of the happy moments that filled my heart with joy and a sense of completeness. So much has changed and 2018 has truly left a powerful mark in my life that serves as a reminder that 2018 was the "year of realization". Though I am enduring my own struggles of mental health illnesses, change can only be initiated by oneself. It is up to yourself to learn from the many lessons life teaches you. It is up to you to apply everything that you learned, everything that life has given you, trough all of the good and bad so that you can make 2019 an even better year. Change does not happen instantly, but progress is what you must aim for in 2019.

May 2019 be your year filled with growth, self-love, confidence, and the power to let go of toxic relationships in order to open yourself up to those who support your breath and happiness.


Monday, October 29, 2018

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


I hope that everyone is doing well and I am so thankful for those who still follow this very inconsistent blog I somehow manage. I haven't necessarily had the time or energy to set aside some time just for myself excluding school excluding school and work. This semester has been incredibly draining because it is my last academic semester before I work on the final stages of my culminating data research project for my master's program. I am very excited to announce that I am working on one more creative photography project before the end of 2018 for a fall editorial. I am very excited to share it when it becomes live!

I apologize for my slight life update and tangent but I had the pleasure of visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum again this past weekend with my dearest friends. I wish I visited this museum more often because it is literally down the street from my school. They offer free admissions for any of the Fenway based universities so of course, I had to take advantage of that!

Isabella Stewart Gardner was an amazing American art collector, philanthropist, and patron of the arts. This museum showcases all of the amazing art pieces that she's collected within her very own home. If you're from Boston or even visiting this museum is a place you must visit!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Girl of My Dreams || Archive Magazine and TGS Collective

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and eventful summer. I wanted to share this brief editorial that I worked on that was published in Archive Magazine issue 11. We wanted to incorporate the remanence of spring into summer with the neutral color tones and the lightly pigmented flowers.

Model: Charlotte Gardner of Maggie Agency
Hair + Make up: Fiona Hoang (@FromOgreToBeauty)
Floral Designer: Amy Tram (@Petals.OnPetals)

An additional announcement that I am excited to share, I am now a photographer working as a member of the TGS Collective. I'm super excited to be part of such a wonderful and creative community of creatives throughout the states. I cant wait to work on more creative projects with the collective and share with everyone.

Feel free to read the entire editorial here.
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