Thursday, January 23, 2020

Caring for your luxury handbags

Ever since I dove into the world of luxury bags something that I have learned that is equally important is prolonging the life for your bags. You want to "get more bang for your buck" as they would say. There are some key tips for prolonging the life of your well-spent money on a bag. Here are my top tips for cleaning and maintaining your bags!

Base inserts for your bags
For smaller/mini bags I highly recommend getting a bag insert or base of some sort. I get my base inserts from M Boutique which is based in Australia (shipping is fairly quick). Their inserts are all made in Australia with premium faux leather that's somewhat pebbled so give it that luxurious feeling. If you're going to invest in an expensive bag this is the best way to help better the experience and look. I recently got CHANEL's 2020 cruise wallet on chain. This is one of my absolute favorites but because it is a wallet style bag the base is oftentimes "mushed" and loses its shape. I got a base insert made specifically for the woc bags from M Boutique in the color charcoal in order to match my grey bag. Use my code "LOVELYEMY" for a special discount if you decide to pick one up.

Bag Organizers
For larger bags like the popular Louis Vuitton Neverfull I highly recommend getting a bag organizer insert. Most large bags tend to be the ones we throw everything into therefore it is more prone to getting dirty, stains, and markings. A stylish insert that matches the interior can help you organize everything and give it more of the luxurious feeling while keeping its shape as well. Check out Ztujo organizers because they can custom make sizes and have so many to fit your bag. This is my favorite because it has so many components and is incredibly soft and light-weight. There is a detachable pouch for more safe storage, 3 exterior pockets, 10 interior pockets, as well as a detachable fashion metal chain with a round key ring to help you find or attach your keys. Use code "LOVELYEMY" for a discount off any order.

Cleaning, Conditioning, & Maintaining
In terms of cleaning, if I ever have color transfer or small pen marks for some reason I just use a leather cleaner I got from Amazon called Angelus Easy Cleaner. It's roughly $5 and I only use a small amount each time so the bottle will last you quite a while. Just use a white cloth and gently wipe stains away. I found that it works very well on my lambskin and caviar bags. And something I was recently introduced to is caring for caviar leather (specifically with Chanel bags). I've been using LuxDR the caviar edition in order to finish off the cleaning and maintain the shine/protect the bag. It is a bit on the expensive side at about $35 for a small container but in my opinion, it's been worth it. LuxDR developed this formulated conditioner and hydration coating that can be applied right over old leather to restore and revive your bag looking brand new again. This worked very well with one of my vintage Chanel bags as well. It's a perfect solution in order to maintain the value of your favorite bag. Not only will you add more value with the Caviar Rx Treatment but it also adds on as a protection from the natural elements and get to enjoy it more and give it a longer life.

Also, I love buying pre-loved bag from FASHIONPHILE xx


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