Monday, July 1, 2019

Welcome to the family sam!

We finally did it! My boyfriend and I adopted a little 6-month Pomeranian/Husky mix. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always wanted to get a dog ever since I moved away from home. It's been tough just because I have only lived in apartments but now live in a lovely and cozy condo with my boyfriend. We spontaneously picked sam up one day and have never regretted it since.

Originally we were going to name him Snacks because he loves his snackies (just like me) but ended up going with Sam because of our favorite show Supernatural. Sam had a brother and originally we thought we would pick up his smaller brother who looked like a Dean. If you know the show, you know the dynamic of Sam and Dean and they definitely looked like a Sam and Dean. We didn't know who we would end up with and agreed to name them depending on which pup we picked up. I love calling him SamSam (I thought of TsumTsum at the time) and he likes his name too! He's wonderful around people but gets a little too excited around other pups. Hopefully, in the coming months, we have more time to take him to dog parks to socialize more.

Of course, I also made Sam an Instagram. Please feel free to follow Sam and his adventures:

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