Friday, January 25, 2019

Love Street Apparel Haul

I hope that everyone's off to a strong start for 2019. A lot has been happening but I am doing my best to juggle multiple things. I am primarily on Instagram sharing the little bits and bobs of my daily life but I wanted to share things more in detail on my blog. To really start off the year I thought I would take some time to share a mini haul I have from Love Street Apparel. I love their clothes and here are a few of my favorite pieces I would like to share.
A little bit of background information about the boutique: Their entire collection is carefully handpicked to embrace the philosophy that you have the freedom of expressing your unique, free-spirited self. The styles shared offer an outlet to dress in a way that embraces who you really are as an individual, beautiful, wild and free. 

Motel Kavon top in size Medium
Gracie Polka Dot Crop Top in Medium
Delilah Peasant Top in Small

I haven't done any sort of fashion-related post in a while but I am looking to do more as spring rolls around and give myself more of a reason to dress nicely rather than living in my gym clothes. I recommend sizing up if you have a larger bust. Sizes do tend to run a tiny bit small for non-stretch items. However, any items like sweaters or tops with a stretch I recommend getting your exact size. I generally get small on stretchy pieces. The quality of each item is phenomenal and I highly recommend getting your shopping spree on!

I am also pleased to share my discount code for Love Street.
Shop with me and you can get 15% off your entire purchase with my code EMQU15.
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