Saturday, March 10, 2018

my first facial experience ft. derosa clinic

I have always been an advocate for skincare and did my fair share of research but something I have never done is go see a professional about my skin and putting the care of my skin in someone else's hands. Growing up (anyone who knew me in high school) I had awful cystic acne. I was young and didn't understand how hormones or skincare worked so I bought whatever sounded promising. From age 13-18 I kept trying different brands and nothing ever really helped. Growing up I did more research, took care of my health, and drank more water. I can honestly say that my skin is better than before! However, why not take the extra initiative and go to a professional? 

Where did I go? Derosa Clinic on Newbury street in Boston, Massachusetts.
Who was my specialist? Master Aesthetician Steven Giannetta

First off can I just say how stunning this clinic is? When you enter the clinic is so modern, clean and beautiful. The staff is amazing and everyone is so kind. My wait was short and upon checking in you are asked to fill out a brief informational survey so that they can better assist your skin needs.

Steven started off with a gentle cleansing and topical exfoliant of my skin in order to prepare it for the actual treatment. He then used a device called a high frequency "zapping" in order to kill any sort of bacteria on the skin surface and to speed up the healing of any small breakouts I previously had. He then prepared my skin with a "degreasing" solution to prep the skin for dermaplaning so that he could have a smooth dry surface to work on.

He then used a small tool that allowed for the removal of any dead, dehydrated skin cells, vellus hair or "peach fuzz" this can trap dirt, oil, and bacteria on the skin surface. This gentle means of exfoliation allows skin care products to work more effectively and allows makeup to glide onto the skin surface for a flawless finish.

He proceeded to use a chemical exfoliant which removed any residual dead skin, tightens pores, lightens hyperpigmentation, heals acne, provides a brighter and more glowing skin. Finally finishing the treatment with a hydrating serum, day moisturizer and of course a physical based sunscreen.
Products used are from EltaMD: Barrier Renewal Complex (Ceramide and Enzyme Therapy), AM/PM Therapy Facial Moisterizer, and UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 Oil Free SunScreen (tinted).

Photo taken under natural light.

 I naturally have those freckly like spots on my face from sun damage as a kid for not ever wearing sunscreen on my face. I also have my eyebrows microbladed (2 years ago) and eyelash extensions. Other than that I have zero make-up on! I just have a thick layer of moisterizer and sunscreen on. Also my photos are somewhat dark because I took these photos when I got home from work. I wanted to make sure I got photos the same day as my facial to show you all the immediate results. 

Photo taken with beauty light.

Can I just say I love how naturally glowing my skin feels and looks? I had incredibly dark circles and dry cracking skin prior to my appointment (I didn't think to take a before photo I am so sorry) I am so happy with my experience. This location is incredibly convenient (train accessible), appointment times are very accommodating, punctual, relaxing atmosphere, modern ambience, and a knowledgable staff.

Thanks again Derosa Clinic for my amazing facial! xx

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