Thursday, February 1, 2018

non dairy-matcha latte.


I have been spending way too much money on Starbucks lately (not that it's bad to get Starbucks) but I should only treat myself once in a while. There's always that extra costs at Starbucks as well for nondairy alternatives. Me being lactose intolerant sucks because I love dairy everything. I mean it still doesn't stop me from having dairy products (it just really hurts). I found my solution! I recently fell in love with the taste of vanilla soymilk with matcha. So why not make myself a matcha latte? Here's the simple recipe/instructions:
— 1 cup organic vanilla soy milk (mine is from trader joe's)
— 1 teaspoon matcha tea powder 
— 1 tablespoon honey (optional)


— Serving hot? Simmer 1 cup of the soy milk on medium-high heat. If you'd like it cold skip this step.
— Add the teaspoon of matcha powder to your cup first.
— Then slowly pour in the soy milk in and whisk the matcha into the milk.
— Add one tablespoon of honey for sweetness and mix well (I only do this for the hot latte). 
— Then enjoy! For iced matcha latte I do enjoy adding in some ice cubes as well.

Thank you Jade Leaf for the delicious matcha!
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