Sunday, June 21, 2015

sweet lil' succulents.

I'm not really good at being consistent, especially with blogging. I wanted to just take some time out to share one of my newfound obsessions, plants. Although I had difficulties raising small animals when I was younger (i.e. my hamsters *sad face*) I wanted to try taking care of small plants.  My coworker said they were ideal for me since they're low maintenance but still require work. They're lovely and I find comfort in seeing them flower. 

Pretty little succulents from the little shop Brattle Square florist at Harvard Square.


  1. pretty plants emy! :)

  2. Emy, I just found you via bloglovin'! Love your aesthetic! And these plants are super cute btw.

  3. These are so pretty!

    - Audrey Allure


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