Monday, May 4, 2015

kinfolk inspirations.

I recently picked up the most recent issue of Kinfolk volume fifteen and I just wanted to share with everyone three important quotes from this magazine:

First, when it comes to entrepreneurship one should aspire to seek for a balance and cultivate the community in creative pursuits which inspire true innovation, passion, and satisfaction. This is important to be because I recently spoke with one of my friends about how unhappy we are with our repetitive desk jobs. We wanted to do something that allowed us to be creative and this issue was truly inspirational.

Second, in praise of slowness an unhurried life starts with the choices we make at our desks: Addressing our ambition for more can help us live happily with less. 

Third, success is defined not only by the work that we are doing but by the people we are helping in the process. 


  1. I can really relate to you and your friend regarding your desk jobs.. I was working part time at one for a while and it drained the life out of me! thankfully I found a different job which is more fast paced and I am able to meet more people. I hope we are both able to keep on doing what we are passionate about! enjoyed these three quotes Emy!

    1. I'm glad you can relate. I'm so happy that we both were able to continue doing what we love most! xx

  2. I agree with the last quote. I'm constantly trying to help people out, and I think you get a feeling of satisfaction from helping out others.

  3. Very inspiring quotes indeed! :)


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