Monday, December 17, 2012

More film.

So lately, I have been shooting with film--
I guess it may be the convenience of holding a much lighter camera that makes me more inclined to use it, but honestly, I've fallen in love with film. An inspiring photographer told me that with film there's plenty of room for imperfections. I completely agree because, with film, I am never worried about capturing the "perfect" moment. It doesn't matter how many exposures I have of the same moment, as long as I have one. 

For example, when you're out with friends, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend. You want to be quick, snap the picture, capture, and continue on. With rangefinders, you can be quick and still spend time with anyone you're with. No need to look back, like digital cameras where we naturally feel so obligated to look back. Maybe that's just my opinion but I really enjoy that I can be with people and do what I love doing, taking pictures. What I also love about using rangefinders specifically is that they're silent. I'll be sitting on the train and it may seem creepy but I'll snap a shot of maybe the person across from me, who is deeply engaged in a novel, or a conversation. I suppose it's moments like that that seem real, that I want to capture.

I'm currently using the Minolta 7s
My self-portrait was shot using my Canon 5d mark 2


  1. Oh my goodness, canon 5d mark 2, that's my dream camera ever o:~~~

  2. those cameras looked so vintage-y.... >.<

  3. you make me want a rangefinder! i shall hunt for one before christmas >:) my ae-1 and dslr can be a hassle sometimes even though i love them.

  4. Gahhh cutie! I think I'm a super creeper... But oh well, who cares! Embrace the creepiness *~*

    I miss you!!!

  5. I'll never be on your photography level. One day I'll steal your entire equipment. SO JELLY

  6. I love the style of your photography!! Where did you learn it? Where can I learn it? and where did you get your cameras?!

  7. I feel like I've said this many times but I love your photographs! (*uu*) I can sense the passion you have for photographing from them. You always take photos that I'd love to be able to take. You are great <33

  8. film is so beautiful. it makes you appreciate the imperfections as you said. i've got some film cameras waiting for me to use at home. i shall definitely start shooting with them before the new year


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