Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Geo Mimi Café Macchiato

Lens Details
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Comfort 5/5
I've stopped wearing circle lens for a while only on certain occasions and the 38% water content really helps prevent my eyes from drying too fast or anything. Comfort is a big deal to me and these are definitely comfortable to wear if you're planning to go out all day. 
Enlargement 4/5

Maybe it's just a phase but I'm not so fond of the large 15.0mm anymore. I prefer 14.0 but these are really nice if you're looking to achieve the large dolly look. Really does make your eyes stand out more but for me I'm not really looking to draw too much attention to my large circle lens.
Color/Design 4/5
The color is a definite yes however the design up close doesn't look natural. Although you can hardly tell from a distance I guess the design just looks strange to me but I overall love the color it adds to my eyes.
Overall 4/5
Very nice lens for wearing dark makeup with since it's a bit large. I'll for sure wear these during some events I'll be attending when I go full out with makeup etc. I hope this helps!

Have a lovely day everyone 
Big thanks to Shoppingholics for sponsoring the lens!


  1. woww, the pattern is really cute! you have such a long lower lashes Emi >.< I waaant mine to be like yours!

  2. I never really liked the pattern, but it looks so good on you!

  3. fdsjfjsdj gorgeous girl!!! I think these look great on you and I always love food themed things >.< Definitely do a hair tutorial some time~ you always have the nicest hair!

  4. wow these have the coolest design and look lovely on you, doll.

    xx rae<3

  5. love it! look great on you! :3

  6. the color is lovely . it almost looks natural.

  7. Those suit you! So pretty! I love your style lately! So otona kawaii!

  8. Gorgeous lenses. I love the pattern

  9. i love your hair colour >.< and the lens suit you so much

  10. love the swirl in those lens! majorly!

  11. ooo I totally love thse lenses as well! But as my eyes are so dark, the design doesn't show up as nice as on u xD

  12. are cute. but i prefer the first Mimi version^_^

  13. the pattern is so mesmerising, it certainly looks natural from afar.
    also, your photos in the previous post are beautiful. i quite like the dark atmosphere of them.

  14. your eyes are a vortex of purdy

    purdy girl D:

  15. You're looking pretty, as always :)
    Love the design of the lenses

  16. I love your hair color! Just wondering, do you visit it a salon or use at home color?

  17. What a cool design! I've seen these before but not a review, they look quite nice actually! Match your hair well too! haha

  18. i love your hair and nice review they look great on you :)

  19. OOH I love your look!
    u are soo beautifull and I love your blog!!

    You inspire me with your style and life! :``)

    PlZ Check Out My Blog:

    ~A LoT Of Pictures!
    ~my dayly life, Activities
    ~style, thoughts
    ~etc! ^_~

  20. hi emy i like your photo and look sOOOOO pretty :)

  21. Wooow these lenses look great on you, as always! <333 I need new lenses because all my old ones have gone bad T__T I love brown lenses so maybe I'll get these!! ^_^

  22. wow these contacts looks natural on you and soo pretty!

  23. I love the lenses!! and you look so pretty n.n


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