Friday, September 16, 2011

Brown Candy Magic

Sponsored by: Eyecandy lens
Summer has come to an end, and it's time to change things up.
Focusing more on a natural look Goodbye Falsies!

I love love brown, mostly because I prefer something natural but at the same time I love exotic designs. This color is perfect and natural for almost anyone and is easy to wear with various types of styles.
I don't recommend these to people who expect a 15.0 effect. I really like the fact that these don't make your eyes look complete huge and dolly. There is still an enlargement though since it's 14.5! 
My stupid astigmatism makes it a little difficult for me to wear these lens since it's water base is only 38%. I just apply eye drops throughout the day and they become comfortable. But if you don't have my problem these should be perfectly fine for anyone!
I love these lens and I wear them almost everyday! Since I'm not wearing as much dramatic makeup as before it really brings your eyes out, even when you're not wearing too much makeup. ALSO! I use to wear King Size Brown. In my opinion these current lens are a more natural version of King Size Brown, so if you want something a bit more simple these are the best!

Thanks so much for reading my review!
And thanks to Eyecandy lens for the circle lens!
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