Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Excessive Shopping

I hate when I save up a lot of money and refrain from shopping for a long time. Eventually after I save a lot and someone asks me to go to the mall with them I go crazy and full out go on a shopping spree. I'm actually suppose to be saving more money for my East Coast trip this summer, but going to the mall isn't helping at all, especially with spring styles coming out, it's so difficult to stop myself!

Yep I went shopping a lot and one thing I spent the most on was this poncho-top from Laguna Moon at Shibuya Closet. Oh my god it was expensive but I just love the designs and Hinano models it out so well (doesn't mean it'll look good on me but who cares). I love the fringe bag, I'm completely obsessed with fringed items, though because it matches so well with almost any color and gives it the whole native-hippie look (maybe I'm over generalizing).

My makeup has been the exact same thing every time now. I'm way too lazy to add on double eyelid tape so yeah my eyes look so much smaller in pictures now.... *sad* but that's okay! I never curl my hair anymore, sticking to XiaXue's meatball hair tutorial for instant over night semi-curled hair! Here's an outfit picture, jeans from XX1 and fringe boots from Minnetonka!

Yeeeeeeah, my roots are already freaking growing out so much (it's only been 3 weeks), I'm not sure how much longer I can take of this madness of constantly bleaching my roots! I envy those with natural toned out blonde hair!

Yes! My shopping rampage! Soo many bag I cant even believe I bought that much! My most favorite was these earrings. I know they're simple but for some reason they stood out to me a lot! I guess because it gives off more of a 1960s appeal for the oval earrings, the horse and heart just strikes me as natural girly and the fringe bows are just so cute hehe.
Slight personal thought, damn I'm about to graduate in June and letting go of high school. I guess it's just a scary thought because It just hit me now that I'm about to take a huge step to a new world I guess. It's time for a transition, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet but change is good yeah?

This is my model Kimmie on the left :) She's the sweetest thing alive haha and she's starting a blog soon and she has a lot to say. I love her thoughts and perception on almost everything, you should stop by her blogspot and follow! I promise it's totally worth it! Oh yeah so I'm doing this whole reflection project and I put together a portfolio of photography, check it out if you guys have time! I'm no professional but it's defiantly something fun to maintain. It's all on my Flickr click here. Thanks for reading everyone!

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