Thursday, January 18, 2018

eyelash extensions + lash love.

First post of 2018! For those of you who know me know that I generally don't blog much unless I have something amazing I want to share. Well here we are. Eyelash extensions. I never thought I would get them but my bff Celine has been living the lash extension life for so long so it was about time I got on board. 

I generally wear makeup on a daily basis, but to work I usually just slap on foundation, concealer and mascara. On the days I go out with friends or just out I need my eyes to stand out (yes because they're small and awkward shaped) so I cake on some eye shadow and some cat eye winged eyeliner + maybe double stacked falsies. I love make up, especially lashes because it makes you feel & look alive. 

Alright lets get down to business.

Where did I go? RISE Beauty Studio Co. based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Who was your stylist? The amazing master lash stylist Gladys

Why did I decide to go for it?
I wear falsies so often on top of my mascara so why not just wake up with some fluffy and curled lashes?! With a little bit of budgeting I'm sold. I'm just so busy with work + school this is a great way to make me look more alive and spend less time trying to get ready. 

How much is it? Their prices start at only $50 and goes up depending on lash technician level and what type of lashes you want. 

How long did it take? I got the Volume Quickie by a Master lash stylist which took roughly 75 minutes. 

Sorry about my image quality! I have been taking all of my photos on my iPhone because I broke my tripod for my main camera. But look at those lashes done so quickly! But onto post care and how long they last. When I do wear eye makeup I wear A LOT so I needed something to clean my eyes without ruining my lashes. I use Bella Lash's Deep Cleanser sold by RISE. It was recommended by one of the artists so I didn't even hesitate to grab one. It lasts so long and you really don't need much to clean your eyes. 

How long do they last? 
Pretty long! I got my first set from RISE back in December and when I got them done again the second week of January there was still a few lashes on! With my current volume set it's been a full week and I don't even recall any of them falling out yet. But honestly I would say 2-4 weeks (some people 5 weeks). But that's why there's refills right?

Are they easy to take care of? 
I am someone who has a bad habit of rubbing my eyes so having these babies made me more conscious of that. Don't rub your eyes, don't sleep on your face, don't get them wet within the first 24 hours, and brush them often! So easy and worth saving time in the morning getting ready. 

Overall experience? 
WORTH IT. Me being someone with naturally boring small, narrow eyes and straight lashes, these babies give me so much life and confidence. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is like me and is lazy but needs lashes, or if you are going on vacation and don't want to deal with worrying about lashes, or if you just want that extra lash fluff.

Thanks so much Rise Beauty Studio Co. for my lashes!