Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 went by quickly and I hope everyone had a wonderful one. It's the first week of January and I'm starting my own 52 weeks photography project. I'm not going to use any specific conceptual themes but rather I will be capturing momentsand anything that I come across. This may be completely random or but at the same time it may be something that was the highlight of my week. Who knows this may turn into me blogging through my photographs. This year I will share my story, a story of photographs. Join me as I enter the new year exploring new places, new techniques, color schemes, film photography, and ideas. In doing this, I hope to progress as a photographer.

This week's picture is just me relaxing. I ended the year relaxed and started it relaxed. Editing photos from my previous photoshoot, always keeping my rangefinder film camera hands, and I guess my iPhone as well. It seems like this generation is constantly glued to their phones, I myself am guilty.  

Hello 2013 and goodbye 2012.