Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back to Nostalgia

I have long desired to travel back to former memories. A vague statement, but there are times when You think back on the smiling past. I suppose you can say that this feeling has inspired me for today's look. Although memories are left in the past, I still find a reason to be happy for what has happened and a reason to be happy today. 

Special feature today from TeaCupCastle
Wonderful heart charm earrings are simple, what I love most is that although they're the eye-catching dangling type of earrings, it still doesn't fail to go along with almost any outfit. The feather necklace has always been a lovely trend I've admired from a distance. I never thought I'd actually wear it but I did! I've always affiliated it with the boho/bohemian trend but it complements neutral colors nicely. 

Thank you for reading everyone. I hope you all have had a wonderful winter break. Here comes sping semester, best of luck to everyone. 


  1. The heartcharm and the earrings are lovely! xx

  2. I wish we could travel back in time!
    I love the white top you're wearing! So pretty!

  3. i like your hair colour so pretty

  4. Oh Emy, you are just so stunning !!

  5. I love your pictures so much and the heart earrings are so sweet

  6. The earrings are very cute! ^^