Sunday, July 8, 2012

Very, cocktail dresses

Hey lovely readers,
Glittering cocktail dresses to feast your eyes on:
Glamour lovers are in for a real treat this summer. Not only is the Victoria & Albert
museum showcasing a glittering collection of ball gowns worn by the rich and
famous, including various young royals, but Kensington Palace has unveiled an
exhibition of gowns worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.

The V&A, which has just recently reimagined its renowned Fashion Galleries, is
celebrating over 60 years of British ball gown history from the 1950s to the present

Featuring breath-taking gowns, evening dresses and cocktail frocks, Ballgowns:
British Glamour Since 1950 takes place across two floors of the spectacular building.
It is set to include gorgeous creations from top British designers such as Zandra
Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.

As well as showing outfits worn by royalty, visitors will also have the chance to
see gowns worn by actresses Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Hurley. There is also
room for the slightly more eccentric, such as a weird and wonderful metallic leather
number which was designed specifically for the exhibition itself by designer Gareth

Meanwhile, in nearby Kensington Palace, Diana: Glimpses of a modern princess
features a selection of some of Diana’s best-loved dresses, some of which have
never been seen before in the UK. The palace has itself gone through an extensive
recent £12m refurbishment, making it one of London’s most exciting attractions for
this summer.

Highlights of the exhibition include the vibrant fuchsia and purple sari dress by
Catherine Walker which Diana wore during the royal tour in Thailand in 1988, and
the iconic “Elvis” dress worn to the 1989 British Fashion Awards. Visitors will get a
rare chance to see the dresses which made Diana a fashion icon of the 1980s and
90s, and have helped to retain her place as a fashion inspiration even today.

Both exhibitions go on for several months, so there is plenty of time to feast
your eyes on the glittering dresses and sweeping gowns the collections have to
offer. Once you’ve had your fill of ogling designer dresses, be sure to check out the
gorgeous collection of cocktail dresses at, featuring styles and cuts to suit
every taste.