Monday, November 7, 2011

San Francisco Vacation

This week I stayed in San Francisco with two of my cousins just for the hell of it, which was a really nice break from school and work. We spent a lot of time in Union Square/downtown areas because of all the shopping block to block.
I spent a lot of time taking random shots of the city (Not really easy to get pictures of myself).

Another day I got to spend it with two lovely ladies Ellie & Meilyne. We actually literally spent the entire day going out to places to eat and find desserts. 
San Francisco is so much different from LA.
But now I'm back and I have so much school and work to do blah! How does everyone have so much time for everything? I've been feeling stressed out lately about practically everything.

On the bright side, it's FINALLY cold enough in LA to wear cute coats, scarfs, and boots. I'll talk more about that later. Hope everyone stays warm in this cold weather!