Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dollywink x Cream Eyeshadow

This is a completely random review. Not sponsored, I bought it from work and since I've tried basically all the Dollywink products I thought I'd give this a try.

Dollywink Cream Eyeshadow: #01 Gold Nudy Glamorous
Geeze such a long name but basically I use this as a eye shadow primer as well as a light glitter base. I never knew it was a "cream" until I actually opened it I just thought it was some sort of shimmering glitter eye shadow. 
These top two pictures I only have the eyeshadow cream on no make up yet. Honestly they stand out much more in person rather than pictures (might be due to my camera settings/lighting).
After, I actually used the Dollywink eyeshadow pallet in this. It still shows through the second layer of eyeshadow YAY!
Basically the purpose of this cream is to make more shiny and pure eyes (as said on the packaging. It's extremely natural and will appeal much more to those who are seeking the natural nudy look (and with the right nudy lens I'm sure they'll look great). It's a really gentle cream and should be applied with your finger tip, it wouldn't be so effective if you used a brush.

Overall I'd say this will be something I use on a daily basis, something simple to bring our your eyes but not in a crazy dramatic way. A bit pricey, I got it from work for about $15.98 but it seems like it'd last pretty long so it's a good investment that'll last long. Love it and there is another color too #002 Rainbow crystal!

Hope this helps, thanks for reading!