Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Want Wavy Curls!

Lately I've been searching to find the perfect curling iron for those small wavy curls you see in magazines like Jelly or even Scawaii. I found the best on in my opinion through Zhi Zhi's Tutorial. I love how she does her hair so I had to give the curling iron a try. I can't edit videos at the moment so I couldn't put together a tutorial video for you guys but feel free to check out ZhiZhi's video! I did make a youtube channel here that I'll be updating soon in the near future after I find a video editing program.

It's called: Herstyler Tattoo Grande Baby Curl Curling Iron
If you buy the tattoo printed one it's only $45 but if you buy the one with no design it's about $90+ haha. I'm not going to lie this one's not the most appealing iron but I love the effects.
Yuck! I hate my straight hair..........need to do something about it.Two essential hair products I use are:
Lucido-L Designing aqua Hair curl LotionThis is amazing! It's basically a hair treatment and before spray. You spray this all over your straight uncurled hair first. Spray a lot, and simply blow dry it gently until everything is dry. This basically creates elastic curly hair that'll last all day. I love it, it keeps your curls soft and light at the same time.
Lucido-L Round Ridge (Wax)In my opinion this is basically the girl's version of the Pink Gatsby wax. My former boss from work introduced this to me (I love her curls). I had to give it a try, she's Japanese herself and hates having straight hair too. This keeps the curls curly and light. It's also a maximum hold, you gently wipe some on your hands and from the bottom crunch  your hair with your hands.
So happy that I got this curling iron. I thought that using a clamp-less one would be a pain to use but ever since I got this, it only takes 30 minutes maximum to curl my hair (with the time you take to style it). Totally worth getting if these the the types of curls you're into because I've been attempting these with my standard curling iron and they never seemed to last. I'll be completely honest, these last ALL  FREAKING DAY.
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