Monday, April 18, 2011

Sushi Dinner/ Heart Bandits

I seriously need a life, no jokes! Yeah not even going to wast my time talking about my same weekly routine, it's just going to be repetitive. Well on the bright side I got this Saturday off! Going to be going to Costa Mesa and do some shopping with a friend (oh shopping I miss you). Hmm I don't know if many of you follow her but Cheon (such a beautiful blogger) is going to be featured in my mini-portfolio so excited because she freaking looks like a model! Anyways speaking of models, Grace...yes this girl she's in so many of my posts, it's ridiculous!

But we got sushi and we make such derpy faces.

Had no idea you dont get spoons for miso soup... failed asian I am.

She introduced me to something called the Philadelphia roll! I was like wtf is that? I'm horrible I had no clue but one bite and I fell into cream cheese salmon goodness. I know right, cream cheese and raw salmon? Wtf? So good but so bad for you!

Last Saturday, I went with Los Angeles Heart Bandits to the Orange County Pet Expo! It was an amazing experience and there was tons of dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and so many more bizarre pets. I couldn't really take that many pictures because my supervisor kept all of the volunteers 100% occupied but here's some pictures!

This is Lil' One, finally taught him how to do tricks (only when he knows treats are involved though).

This is Penny! She is a bit sexist and dislikes all men for some reason but loves girls!

Yup Heart Bandits is a dog rescue that specializes in American Eskimos! So many of them need a home, they're all so cute but I cant adopt anymore dogs. It was such a pleasant day to spend with all of them though, hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for reading!