Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shibuya Closet

This week I did a mini photoshoot featuring my lovely friend Kimmie! But before we did that we did a little shopping in Costa Mesa, Shibuya Closet! They're an endorsed store for selected SHIBUYA 109 brands in the U.S.A. which is crazy! They have clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and so much more that are created very precisely to express the perfect body line, and finest details. I love Shibuya 109 so I wanted to share with you guys what a beautiful store and experience it was shopping here! The two staff members were soooo sweet as well, although the prices are a bit high, there is definitely quality in the clothing! I ended up buying some pieces from Laguna Moon and Dazzlin' I'll post about that later! Enjoy the pictures I took of the store!

Kimmie is so naturally pretty gosh look at her modeling! I loved this table, they had the cutest accessories ever! I was so tempted to get some and I'm sure she was too!

Laguna Moon featured items from magazines, they all look soooo cute and I was definitely tempted to buy more but gladly I resisted.

Two staff members on the left and right and my lovely model in the middle haha, I totally forgot to get a picture with them too, damnet.

Thanks so much for reading! Going to post pictures of photoshoot later on this week!

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