Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunny side of Los Angeles!

So lately I was sick with Bronchitis and it completely killed me, and I basically had a date with my pillow and blanket all week. Finally recovering though, slowly but I still am! It's been nice going out this weekend to some Korean BBQ yesterday, and some curry today! I've been lagging school work a lot lately, and sleeping really early, hoping to make that up asap.

Got to see my cuties. They're all graduated now though so it's only me in Torrance alone now!

We hung out at round 1 for a bit, and played in the arcade, but here's some purikura we took.

Okay so got this month's popteen because it looked very different with three models! How amazing since Kumiki is usually on the cover. My friend Mei got me this new foundation, I love it but it actually makes my skin very pale, I'll do a review on it later. I finally bought myself a new Planner/Agenda just because I am very unorganized and never write down my plans or homework for school also Dollywink Eyeshadow!

I love this agenda, it's so cute even though half of it is in Japanese it's still so cute and compact!

Dollywink Eyeshadow! I was so happy to get this, but it's a bit pricey for such a small pallet. I love the instructions though, they really helped me. I went through the tutoral and here were my results:

To be honest it's just because of my camera you cannot really see my results, hopefully I'll get a better camera one day to show you the details. I dont really want a better camera because I am a bit self concious about my skin.

Totally random buy but so cute, I just had to show it! I started using Candydoll Mineral Powder and some simple Diamond Lashes (Dolly eye upper lashes) I really recommend these lashes for someone who does not want dramatic eyes but still cute!
Okay the rest of my post will be dedicated to talking about skin care. I have really oily skin, well mostly on my forehead. I wanted to recommend a blog for you guys, this is my friend who's been helping me out with skincare, what to use and etc. She's half japanese so her blogs in japanese most of the time too but she makes amazing videos:
Feel free to follow my friend Mika!

So we were at Marukai and she pointed out some new items I should try there's a cute heart sponge to use with my cow beauty soap for my face. On the right is Sonbahyu face oil.

This oil is very smooth on the skin, I apply it after I cleanse and use the beauty soap before I apply my skin treatment cream. I'm hoping for future positive results, we both are on the journey for clear skin!
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Love always, Emy