Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giveaway Winner + Hangouts!

So lately it's been nice to relax after finals, I got to hangout with my friend Daniel! It was nice to just catch up and have some milk tea as well since I usually only see him once in a while at Borders and mostly on tumblr haha! It was nice and omg his eyes turned out so huge in the purikura haha so jealous! Here's some purikura we took also!

This was the purikura booth we took I've been obsessing over it for months! The cube by far is the best machine in all of California!

I'm so happy I got to hang out with my lovely friend Tricia also! We had some Curry House in Los Angeles and did some shopping @ ANAP (she has a huge surprise for everyone stay tuned). So we exchanged christmas gifts right before and omg she got me amazing gifts from Japan, I am forever thankful! I'm not exactly sure that the Liz Lisa case is for but it's adorable! And she got me the cutest top ever from WC! I bought the pencil case and compact mirror at the bookstore there!

Jewerich Bottom Eyelashes No.3

Okay I have been obsessing over trying these lashes out! (They're a bit pricey though) But I have seen so many gals try them out and they look amazing! So here's how they ended up looking! Pros: They're easy to apply, they show up very nicely in pictures, and they really bring out your eyes. Cons: Almost none! I just dislike that they hurt a lot when I try to remove them and they're a bit fragile. My new conclusion! Dolly Wink No. 1 and Jewerich No. 3 are the best combitation! I am completely obbsessed and I want more already!

Hmmm also I went shopping a bit in Rowland heights with an old church friend and I totally snagged this cardigan and stripped stockings from one of those Chinese Gal stores in Diamond Plaza in Rowland heights!

Lastly my cousin sent me over a late christmas gift from Hong Kong! The cutest Liz Lisa winter set ever, too bad it's extremely hot in California at the moment!

Hmm yeah trying hard not to spend too much money it's difficult but I am trying my best to resist! I'm so tired for some reason, just glad finals are over! Saving the best for last! Congrats to Jenny @ for winning my very first giveaway! Thanks so much everyone who supported my blog and participated dont worry I promise I have many more giveaways to come with newer prizes!

Thanks so much for reading!

Love always, Emy

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