Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diamond Bottom Lash

Summer is feeling very content at the moment. I start working next Tuesday so I hope I save and not spend! This is going to be a long post but here are some recent buys I never posted.

My current eyelashes! These are my most favorite lashes! They all last quite long, I also use some other brands but these are my most favorite.

I usually do not apply this much black eyeliner on the bottom, but just in this case I did so that the false lashes would not look entirely un natural.

* also please ignore my forehead recently breaking out so much



  1. cute! I love the scrunchies. Have fun in Canada ^o^ ~ x

  2. great choice of lashes~ those bottom lashes look so cute on you! i have dolly wink #5 and it takes FOREVER for me to put them on T_T
    have fun in vancouver!! shopping wouldn't be as good since there isn't much selection here...also, there's HST now which means 12% tax on everything =/ i hope you can find some nice things though and you enjoy your stay ^^ oh and bring an umbrella just in case!

  3. @ lu thanks so much!!!

    @ emi tax is 12%??? oh my goodness!!!! T.T
    I planned on doing a lot of shopping also...but oh my tax is 2% higher than U.S, also why would I need an umbrella?? it is raining???

  4. Aww, I was thinking of getting that palty hair dye for me! The color is so cute <3

    You look so adorable with the new lashes <3

  5. Oh you are so cute !! And you have been finding lovely items ^^
    I love the wedges ! <3

  6. @ bommiie i love it also! but you do not get the same effect unless you bleach your hair which i hate doing >W<

    @ sanna thxx so much ^___^ its not too hard just some really cute stores

  7. yaa it rains here some days even though it's suppose to be summer ><! it would be sunny for 3 days straight and then rain the next's really odd.
    12% is because we had olympics here not too long ago :(
    don't let that get you down though! still try to have fun~ lots of good food hehe ^^


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